Has the special button moved

After update i keep missing specials, it actually seems like the special button is a little to the left? Anybody agree, also I'm getting control lag after a combo when I have them pinned (mllll) after the combo I swipe back but I just stand there and have to swipe again, works if I delay my swipe but the timings changed and it's making me keep getting combod.
sometimes lags as I swipe back (or forward) when bacondexterity triggers. It I get hit, and the intercepts timing has changed I see my character just get the hit on the intercept but then they are being hit, it's like you have to intercept earlier, these are all minor timing changes, this is new uncollected eq my attack team was aa, Hyperion, drax, magik, and se spidey. Happened to all of them against every matchup
iOS 10.3.1 iPhone se
I've done first 5 levels but had to buy a full team revive and potions last level; both those boss and miniboss fights were the worst for it.
Thanks for your time, surprised the lexical
Button hasn't been talked about yet, does that mean I'm wrong about it? One of my alliance members was complaining about it too


  • tntsltntsl Posts: 17
    I’ve experienced that too a few times but I thought it was just me missing the special button. My champs have also been dashing back while in the middle of an attack combo and without any effort on my part to dash back. Some weird bugs but they haven’t totally messed me up yet.
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