An applause for kabam :)

With this December month kabam has really shown how good it can be ,aside from all the bugs and unwanted stuff which happens intentionally or unintentionally this year which ruined many of our gameplay, lets all forget that and enjoy this month's events because they are really really good and dont forget more is to come. Dont forget it is a company and it needs to 'milk the whales' to exist, respect that. Noobs stop whining about how difficult the uncollected event is given to us with champs like ice phoinix etc because im total FTP player with only 6 rank 5 4* and im clearing it like butter while facing some challenge some of the opponents give. explored 50% will definitely complete it offcourse, i have a whole month to enjoy,if you cant do it then ur simply not skilled enough. So just play and grow.


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