Am I ready?

So I just acquired parry, a must have for dedicated players. I had practiced many times fighting ROL Winter Soldier and almost beat him. I currently have:
4/40 IceMan
4/40 Gwenpool (A)
3/30 Rocket
3/30 X-23
Soon 4/40 3* Guillotine (A)

Is this going to be enough for WS, CM, Juggy, Wolvie, Hulk, etc.


  • I recommend Gwenpool, Starlord(Dup), Guillotine, Wolverine(dup), Spiderman stark enhanced.
  • magik*
  • RømyjartRømyjart Posts: 78
    Yea hopefully I get Spider-Man out of the 1$ crystal
  • JamezBongJamezBong Posts: 75
    Its around 300+ hit with 4*r5
    LOng and boring fight.
    So, setup your mind from killing enemy faster into survival by not getting any hit.
  • dolann__dolann__ Posts: 98
    Don't use 4/40 Champs I takes much time

  • dolann__ wrote: »
    Don't use 4/40 Champs I takes much time
    I used a 2/35 x23 and they fell in about 5 minutes a piece (excluding sw) but I did use synergy though

  • I used 4/40 SL duped and 4/40 Wolvie duped for the whole thing, minus Magik for juggernaut and guilly 3* for Wolverine
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