Specials not activating consistently

BigDudeBigDude Posts: 15
edited December 7 in Bugs and Known Issues
Ever since the update Whenever I hit a special it doesn't register consistently. Usually i drop a special mid combo to continue the streak so it can't be blocked. Now it seems like it doesn't register. The window to activate a special attack has narrowed our the screen box is different and I am just missing it with my normal finger placement.
Has anyone else noticed this?


  • ViruxVirux Posts: 97
    Happened to me this morning with GR. I hit his sp2 three times and it didn't register until I had an sp3.
  • UndeadProphetUndeadProphet Posts: 496
    edited December 7
    Yeah specials like to pause and negate the 5th hit allowing a lapse in timing and letting the opposing player ample time to block, or parry, or sometimes even worse; combo you to your grave
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 422
    Nah I swear it's smaller or has been moved to the left, I have been destryoed in uncollected difficulty sitting their trying to intercept with a special over and over again and just not triggering
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