Rewards and points based on difficulty based quests

It really is time to change up some of the rewards and points earned for the harder content. Completing chapter 3.2 in heroic, master, and uncollected are all worth 3k points towards event completion. The harder content should rewards more points not the same. Also in uncollected we are seeing lvl 1 health potions and tier 2 and 3 iso and getting less than or barely 100 gold each fight. Uncollected should have at least lvl 3 potions, tier 4 and 5 iso, and 500 gold each fight. The players playing at this level deserve better rewards and more points than what is at the lower levels. The completion and exploration rewards are great but there are other things within the map that should be reflected.


  • WhatRYouWhatRYou Posts: 443 ★★
    I agree with you my friend!!!! Completion points not balanced and lvl1 health shouldn't be in the Uncollected difficulty level.....that's just crazy talk!!!!
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