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Carina's Challenge Vol 1 Inhumans with Vox - by an *average? Valiant

willrun4adonutwillrun4adonut Posts: 3,494 ★★★★★
Team [all ascended and max rank and sig, each with a relic equipped. No thought was put into the relic as the plan was to just use them as combo extenders].
Vox, Medusa, Black Bolt, Karnak, Kamala [didn’t use, just wanted her synergy with Black Bolt] – I decided to leave Quake off as I can’t quake well.

Max Boosts and suicides on [this was also done when mastery switching was free in April 2024 so I did do some slight changes, particularly when I used Medusa to increase her furies]

I have never used an inhuman team before, and I don’t think that I’d ever even used Medusa before this [except in arenas]. My main robot killer has always been Vision Aarkus so everyone was new. I did watch two vox videos, practiced with him for about 30 minutes, and then jumped in, as I had also never used him prior to this. I wanted to get this challenge done as I had a stash expiring, no content to do except the 3 LoL 4* Carina’s, and I could only find one video and one thread on reddit about using Vox [both by the same person, IntoxicatedGamer]

Thanks to IntoxicatedGamer’s Vox run on YouTube and Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/ContestOfChampions/comments/1ap7x22/hey_gang_i_recently_did_the_carinas_volume_1/ [the reddit is very short, but it was better than nothing and at least gave me revive idea]. I didn’t watch his stream though, just the first 10 minutes.
VOX NOTES: I did not use Vox’s pre-fight, but it would have helped to build up some dex buffs. It just scared me too much. If I got dex buffs, great, if not, then oh well.

The stash: The plan was to have 1000 l3 potions, but that was taking too long. So I jumped in with the following: 8 team revives, 28 L1 revives, 35 L2 revives, 20 L3 revives, 383 L3 potions, 25 L4 potions, and 92 L2 team potions. Units, including battlechips, was about 4300.

Starlord: Vox – 45 L3 potions, 3 L1 revives, 1 L4 revives
I didn’t initially realize that the difference between a l1 and l2 revive was so negligible since the health pool is much lower on 4*. So from here on out, I mostly did L1 revives until I started worrying about my potion count later in the run, and I won’t be distinguishing between l1 and l2 revives. My idea with vox was to do 5 hit combos to build up my power as much and fast as possible instead of the mlm to build buffs as time was a factor in my fight due to enrage. When it was over 2.5 bars, I’d fire my sp2, build to a sp1, and try to time it to launch my sp1 right before the degens expired. Intoxicated gamer was much better than me at this. However, when you get his degen count high enough in the fight, it really does start to take out his health pretty well. I was initially worried about suicides since I had to throw specials, but I didn’t seem to throw enough in a fight for it to really have mattered. Starlord wasn’t anything too crazy so it gave me some confidence. The only issue I had was later on, when your stuns become extremely short, I had to practice my intercepts and timing.

Jane Foster – Vox – 6 revives, 72 L3 potions
She was annoying. Since you can’t hit her block as you’ll get shocks, I had to change my playstyle a little bit. I would hold block to bait out her heavy, and then attack. Not my favorite playstyle, but it worked decently. I’d also try to get her to 2p since it is easier to counter. I never missed a sp1 counter, but it was just more stressful. What killed me twice was that she evaded and two separate runs right before I threw a special and so I took massive shock damage.
Gold Adaptoid – Medusa - None

Daredevil – Vox [split into two days] Day 1 6 revives, 91 l3 potions
His special 1 is sooooooooo long. It was throwing my timing off. A few times I missed turning my degens back into buffs. I couldn’t reliably get DD to sp2, but that is much shorter. Heal up each time since you take degen damage whenever you block. I have never used Juggs either, but I heard someone [I think Pikolu] say that people should dex from the right side of the screen because if you dex from the left, it counts as a block which affects Jugg’s unstoppable. But whatever it was, if you swiped from the right, then degen doesn’t appear for the half second, which I assume is what the person was talking about with Juggs. However, I found this too difficult and so I just decided to keep dexing like I normally do.

Venompool - Vox – 5 revives, 45 L3 potions
Intoxicated Gamer talked about his regen being massive if he procures it and had to exit out. So I made sure I had msx despair [which was probably overkill with Vox]. Each time he produced a regen, I was able to get my degens on him, which stopped his healing. I’m [pretty sure that it was more luck than skill though. Since he’s the old Venompool, it was a pretty easy fight. There were two buffs that I didn’t know what they were so I had to pause the fight and check.

Dr. Strange: Vox – 6 revive, 61 L3 potions
Here I started to worry a lot about my potions [not my revives]. Since Dr. Stange passively gains power AND steals power from you when you block, I wasn’t sure how the fights would go. I can reliably dex his sp1, but his sp2, not so much. And since each hit drains my [power, I wasn’t sure if I could keep up my specials and degens. But Dr. Strange played very nicely. He never made it to sp3, and would easily throw his sp2. I could also build up to sp1 fairly easy for some reason so I could fire off my specials.

Kamala: Vox – 2 revives, 18 L3 potions
So easy. That’s all there is to say.

Rocket: Vox – 4 revives, 39 L3 revives
I tried not to get him above two bars of power since he goes unblockable. For the most part, he played ball. When he did go unblockable, the relic is a nice way to get in a stun and then heavy him to remove the unblockable. Even if he did get unblockable, since his sp2 is easy to evade, it wasn’t too worrisome.

Maestro: Everyone – 2 team revives, 6 revives, 5 L4 potions, 8 l3 potions, 80 l2 team potions
One of my least favorite fights ever is this Maestro. I just can’t dex his sp1 no matter what. I found out that Medusa was the best for this since she gets a nice synergy from Vox, but I didn’t realize this until after the fight was done. Vox was too slow as I couldn’t build up his degens before dying, especially when he starts to get low on health and Maestro is stacking those furies. So I ended up with Black going for a long stun and just doing as much damage, and Medusa just doing as much damage. Anyhow, if you can reliably dex his sp1 [or Maestro’s sp1 in BG], then this fight should cost you way less.

Overall, I had lots of fun and am now saving for Starlord’s challenge. But all of those poor people who did this without relics and without ascensions. And I never used nor learned Karnak, nor learned Medusa. I know that they were MVPs before Vox showed up. But thanks Vox, you got it done.

Total costs: Revives – 16 l1 revives, 23 l2 revives, 2 team revives, 80 l3 team potions, 382 l3 potions, 5 l4 potions, 0 units

I’M NOT CRAZY NOTES: In my original run LoL run [not carina’s], I posted a question about why I couldn’t exit out of a fight and jump back in in LoL without losing half-health. I said that I could before on my first run, but not my second or third run. Everyone said I was just wrong, and I eventually thought that I might be. However, it appears that you can exit out and rejoin the fight if it is against Maestro ONLY. But I’m sure everyone already knew/knows this.


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    Jack2634Jack2634 Posts: 836 ★★★
    gg dude! I remembered spending like 80+ revives back then with medusa. Relics and ascension might be there nowadays but still that is very low in comparison to most of the runes
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    GhostboytjieGhostboytjie Posts: 2,239 ★★★★★
    And a Kamala Screenshot to end it in style : congratz.

    I have a 7* vox. I kinda like him and will maybe R2 him.

    Also I might do an Abyss run soon and do a Kamala gameplay on Abyss Collector as you wanted to see :)
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    willrun4adonutwillrun4adonut Posts: 3,494 ★★★★★

    And a Kamala Screenshot to end it in style : congratz.

    I have a 7* vox. I kinda like him and will maybe R2 him.

    Also I might do an Abyss run soon and do a Kamala gameplay on Abyss Collector as you wanted to see :)

    I had to use her for something.
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    JLordVileJJLordVileJ Posts: 1,691 ★★★
    Awesome 👌
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