Balance Upate: Maestro, Onslaught, Guillotine (Deathless)

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Hey all,

Balance Team here again with an update on the latest round of Champions up for review: Maestro, Onslaught, and Guillotine (Deathless)!


Alongside the release of The Necropolis, Maestro joined the roster of playable champions. Aimed at being the new defensive threat in the Cosmic class, Maestro’s impact was immediately felt. He quickly became one of the most used defenders in Battlegrounds and a mainstay boss/miniboss in Alliance War. For a while, Maestro was consistently the best-performing defender in the game, but players have started finding a lot of success against him. Stagger/Fateseal or Champions that key off their Special Attacks handle him well, but he blocks out a lot of traditional meta attackers. As an attacker, Maestro is very successful against Tech Champions with his double-class advantage. Players have also occasionally been using his immunities to clear path 9 in Alliance War. Overall, we’re happy to see Maestro break out of the trophy case and thrive as a meta-defender with a simple yet fun attacker loop. Going forward, Maestro will be staying as is!


Shortly following Maestro, Onslaught also had a defensive responsibility for his Mutant Class. Specifically, we wanted Onslaught to establish new avenues of Mutant threats, like with his high-uptime Neuroshocks and the introduction of Daunted on a Parry trigger. As players have gained more experience against his special attacks and as counter strategies have been refined over time, we’re seeing Onslaught’s defensive performance stabilize at a healthy level considering the intent for him to be a standout defender with new abilities. With so many defensive abilities in play, we look forward to releasing counters in the future that allow you to attack Onslaught through fun gameplay loops.

Offensively, much of Onslaught’s defensive threat translates to utility and fight control. Overall, we see this utility as the focus of his attacking use, with players using that control to chase his degeneration damage. We’re especially happy to see that the control granted by his utility is enabling his offensive loop rather than making his offensive loop too overbearing and consistent. High-damage Champions like Storm and Sunspot are still outputting more damage across the game, while Onslaught is finding new attacker usage like against debuff-immune defenders in Alliance War.

For all these reasons, Onslaught has landed healthily and will receive no changes.

Guillotine (Deathless)

The Contest’s first playable Champion from our Deathless collection was a light callback to Guillotine’s original kit. We’re seeing players use her new access to Degeneration Debuffs to great effect, with healthy performances so far as a featured Saga Attacker in both our PvP modes in Battlegrounds and Alliance War. Since her target was an easy-to-play, DOT-based Attacker, we’re happy with how she’s landed and will not be making any changes to her kit. Keep an eye out for incoming synergies from her future Deathless counterparts!
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