Champions' improvement, changes (if needed)

Scarlet Witch, Storm & Vision (both) - base attack in flight mode
Scarlet Witch & Vision (both) - base attack should be dealing energy damage
Iron Man, Iron Patriot, Superior Iron Man, Hulkbuster, Antman, Yellowjacket and War Machine - should b bleed immune
Luke Cage - Signature should change to "whenever Luke Cage takes SP damage, his armor reinforces and becomes indestructible for x seconds"
Dormammu - should be Incinerate immune
Ghost Rider - should be incinerate immune
Vision (both) - should be incinerate immune. Also, his astral form should allow him to cause glancing (similar to antman but only applicable to physical hits)
War Machine - SP3 should deal incinerate damage
Falcon - SP1 should stack bleed (similar to Fixit and War Machine)
Wolverine - How is it that he does NOT have fury?!
Hulk - His heavy should b similar to Spiderman Symbiote's, i.e., automatically cause armor break. Also, as hulk's health drops, his tenacity to brush off debuff increases.
Iceman - Frostbite should not cause energy damage, instead allow it to either stagger opponent's next buff or reduce opponent's ability accuracy by x% per charge. Once the charges expire, freezes (similar to stun) opponent for x seconds
Hawkeye - Should have precision when activating any SP. Also, SP1 should deal bleed or shock (for bleed immune champions) and power drain. SP2 should deal bleed or shock (for bleed immune champions) and paralyze. SP3 should cause armor break
Scarlet Witch - where is her energy forcefield? Works similar to Magneto's refraction and Iceman's ice armor. Absorbs all but 5% of physical damage / 20% energy damage and will take 10 seconds to reform.
Venom - Should be bleed immune. Evasion does not work on Venom.
Colossus - has x% chance to trade 1 armor up charge to absorb all but x% of physical SP damage.
Doctor Strange - his regeneration seriously needs fixing.
Psylocke & Angela - use sword but don't cause bleed?
Gamora - fighting style should b similar to Angela (using her sword)


  • Can anyone explain the animation of Sentinel's SP3??? Is it a bug? Or just more kabam silliness? He drags and smashes you into a wall but he falls apart and reforms? What???
  • EthanGamerEthanGamer Posts: 358
    He gets destroyed and a new and improved one replaces him.
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