The End Game !!

Greatings Summoners all over the universe, Kabam Friends...

My story startet 1 month ago and I was very addictive to this game..
Now I'm thinking it's time to me leave this game once and for all...

first things first : I'm stuck at uncollectet for a long time that dash degins kill me 6 times of trye in day all counted 6 revives lost everyday for 20 days plus !
And to be honest new players have no chance to pass ..

But to be honest this is not my only issue he'll I wish it was ...

It's Very hard for free 2 play new players to get energy refills and units and I go there to explain right now....

It started all good at the beginning when u get free energy refills and some units to continue your journey but after time u Gona realise not only energy u Gona miss but also units also not good players.. and by saying good players I mean this...
How in the world I'm Gona complete the story missions of if I don't have energy refills how I'm going to explore act 4 and act 5 if I have no energy refills so where did that got me ?? No acts explore no good champions no rewards to continue my journey..


U can't buy energi refills by spending units right??
Hell yes I can and I'm telling u this I spend more units on energy refills than revives..
I spend like 2.600 plus units only on energy refills...

3) Arenas....

It seems it's the most common place to farm units .. well I sold all my time all day 6-7 HR a day to get some milestones that are not even worth and let me tell u whay...

You Gona spend all your time alot of HR going to the arena for new players it's like alot of time to complete even 4 or 5 milestones in the arena..

And what re those milestones give me like 30 maybe 40 units 1 energy refills??
Really 3-4 howers for 1 energy refill to buy ?? Where is that energy Gona get me ??

4 spending units kabam favourite times...

I like your offers kabam they seem very good but how I'm Gona buy those offers when I spend all my units on energy refills ..revives...

So the events are out of the question for free to play enjoyers..
Takes 1 month for a f2p ecount to get like 600 or 700 units and those units going for energy nothing else so that means no event ....

Now offcorse U may say spend money to the game yes shure what not but not all of people have money to spend on a game specially if u see the offers ...not all of players have that money to spend on a game....

What u should have done instead of
Thinking how I'm Gona get all the money of this people.. u should at least give a chance for 2 or 3 energy refills a dsy bcz we all not that is not much..
Some event to get some shards for better champions to complete story..
And etc..


For new players and free to play are out of the question needs energy alot and offcorse how we Gona get energy that much if we spend 3 to 4 hours in the arena to get 40 units for 1 energy refill??
So goodbye battlegrounds....

And it's alot alot...I repeat alot more issues that I'm not Gona stay and say it bcz it's Gona take alot of time and to be honest the arenas took most of that time I don't have a plan to spend it more...

With all of that said I come to the conclusion it's time to uninstall the game for good once and for all
And trust me when I say this I'm not the only one are alot of people close the game uninstalled for different issues...
I'm sorry kabam I loved do much this game but now it's end game good bye once and for all 👏👏👏


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    RiderofHellRiderofHell Posts: 4,432 ★★★★★
    ahmynuts said:

    Tldr: skill issues and no desire to improve

    With the state of the game is in. Improving is the least concern for the player. Can't do anything without some bug screwing you over
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    OldManHopOldManHop Posts: 124
    This post gave me a stroke.
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    Emilia90Emilia90 Posts: 2,043 ★★★★★

    ahmynuts said:

    Tldr: skill issues and no desire to improve

    With the state of the game is in. Improving is the least concern for the player. Can't do anything without some bug screwing you over
    What bug is screwing you over rn?
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    Joey_Joe_joe_27Joey_Joe_joe_27 Posts: 91 ★★
    See you in a week
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    PT_99PT_99 Posts: 2,708 ★★★★★
    Damn bro, have you tried, waiting? For the energy to fill up? Eventually?
    Refills are meant to be purchased when you really have to finish the time sensetive quest or pushing BG.

    Both of these shouldn't apply to you at your level, so just take a breather, let energy fill slowly and play with flow.

    Check out YouTube guides for new players and love of God, save those units. I remember purchasing 2-4* hero crystals when I was new 1½ or so year ago 💀 regretted it a lot during grandmaster fight.

    Again, why are you wasting units on refills at current level.
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    PriyabrataPriyabrata Posts: 891 ★★★★
    edited May 16
    I'm convinced this is a troll
    And If it's not, you need to slow tf down 💀
    What are you 10?
    Sometimes I see posts like this and wonder, are these people fr? It's Like they have no idea about how a game works. No resource management, no time management, no strategy or planning to overcome a roadblock.
    How are these people actually functional irl
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    Toproller89Toproller89 Posts: 553 ★★★
    English issue
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    sharkdeavoursharkdeavour Posts: 455 ★★
    edited May 16
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    AvnishAvnish Posts: 333 ★★
    edited May 16
    Skill issue..I cleared uncollected with 4* R4. Back in the day it was very hard...I used 10+ revive for this fight...but now these conqueror is having multiple 6* due the recent Omega and poolies event. If you started this game a month you also got buch of 6* from those crystal. Back in the days 5* was rare thing in the game. I remember I waited so many for t4cc to R3 my 5* blackwidow. Because there restrictions in act 6 to bring 5* or above champions.

    People were defeating grandmaster with 5*. I also had only 5* when I become throne breaker.

    You should leave this game. Kabam also accepted this one of the hardest game. Not everyone can play it.

    FYI I am FTP and I became valient in January just after 2 months the title release. So don't say this game is not for FTP.
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    Wicket329Wicket329 Posts: 3,116 ★★★★★
    Y’all, this is a troll. They had another post up yesterday that got taken down saying they were here to destroy the forums and encouraging everybody to uninstall the game. No need to put any thought into responding here.
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    OpandemonioOpandemonio Posts: 1,225 ★★★★
    Bye Felicia
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    11993451199345 Posts: 393 ★★★
    edited May 16
    You quit after 1 month? Good luck adulting, my guy. Instant gratification isn't a very sustainable way to live...
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    Rayven5220Rayven5220 Posts: 1,777 ★★★★
    Nobody cares.
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