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Looking for a new Member

Looking for a new member

Searching for One

Legends of Anarchy (tag name: NRKY) is seeking an active player. A current long-time officer will be taking a well deserved break after this season of AW.

The alliance has been in existence since 2016 and some of the original members are still officers within the alliance. This is an adult alliance, that is drama-free, and real life comes first.

We are an alliance that participates in AQ, AW, Raids, and BG.
We run 2 BG for AQ in Map 6, and one group is running Map 7. We finish all maps at 100% completion. We also require a 150k minimum score in BG. Last season, due to our overachievers, we ended up ranking in the 1%-10% tier for rewards.

We will bounce between tiers 4-6 within AW and we are firming in platinum 6 due to a winning streak at the start of the season. For the past 13+ season, we were in Gold 1. Although, we were not actively pursuing a platinum tier, here we are. If we end up staying in a platinum tier, great, but the sweet spot is Gold 1.

Additional details:
* adult alliance
* Uses line app for communication (required)
* We have players from all time zones
* Members should be active and communicate when they will be late or unable to join
* Drama-free alliance that is respectful to each other

Please contact me via the line app, within the game, or through this post, if you have additional questions or would like to learn more about us. Thanks for your interest.

Ingame: steelnpens
Line app: quinsfan

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