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Changing AW banned champs is still bugged for nearly 2 months now

MightyHMightyH Posts: 26
I’m still unable to change our banned champs for AW for nearly 2 months now & 1 month on from Kabam Jax replying to my previous message saying they are aware of this & it’s becoming super annoying as we want to change banned champs but can’t because KP is bugged & wont let us change it , These are the sort of bugs that should be sorted before a new season gets the go ahead or canceled until fixed not even an in game msg sent out so ppl or alliances are aware of this issue we just have to put up with it ?? there is also a AQ bug where u can’t check recent map history as it just takes u to the same page this has been happening for over 2months now , I get we have bugs in this game but surly some bugs take priority fixing over others any news on a fix
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