☆ Incorporate M.O.D.O.K. Randomizer Permanently !

Outstanding job on the randomizer! It needs to become a permanent feature in game! Maybe not all aspects, but it seems like a great way to make things better/freshen up if you will.

It can improve the entire MCOC experience by transforming, not the game but a fight.

It gives any fight between even the same identical 2 champs, the countles possibilties of being uniquely different, challenging, exciting...etc. But in a quest where one has 5 champs and many different opponents?... I likey! It definitely is one way to address issues of complacent, boring, redundant, etc. gameplay.

The key to unlock master level was awesome also. Monthly events have become relevant again and the initial interest usually leads me to complete and explore even the lower levels (as time permits)

Providing an option for obtaining the key is very nice & much appreciated. However, i think the randomizer could potentially improve MCOC tremendously if implemented correctly.
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