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Modok at more than 100% hp

PsychoakumaPsychoakuma Posts: 566 ★★


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    PsychoakumaPsychoakuma Posts: 566 ★★
    This big boi is even bigger !
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    NightheartNightheart Posts: 1,546 ★★★★
    Hot potato
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    QueenMcocQueenMcoc Posts: 1,136 ★★★
    I like potatoes 😋
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    Yuvraj_267Yuvraj_267 Posts: 332

    Just a difference of 1🤣🤣😋, but mcoc proved that each and every type of bug exist in game
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    Dirty_DozzDirty_Dozz Posts: 387 ★★★
    edited June 11
    This exact thing happened with Ultron. I forget the reason that people posited, but there was a theory for it (and not just "bug")
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    peixemacacopeixemacaco Posts: 1,819 ★★★★
    To be true, all these Mcoc buffed bosses are higher than 100% ...lol

    Necropolis=2 million ....

    Boring longer fights...
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