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Balance Update: Bullseye and White Tiger

Hey all,
Balance Team here again with an update on the latest round of Champions up for review, Bullseye and White Tiger!


Bullseye joined the Contest aimed at being a threatening Skill Defender with his Attacker kit targeting a handful of annoying defensive mechanics in Miss, Evade, and Power Sting. After reviewing his performance as an Attacker, we’re happy with what we’re seeing in regards to his target matchups. His damage is consistent across the board, and his Signature Ability synergizes incredibly well with the recoil tree. As a Defender, Bullseye immediately made an impact in both Battleground and Alliance War metas. The tricky gameplay surrounding his Killer Instinct ability was designed to disrupt the loops of Attackers lacking answers to his Evade. On top of that, his constant barrage of Critical Hits and Bleeds through Block also contribute to Bullseye’s strong performance as a Defender so far.

When reviewing his defensive performance over multiple Battleground and Alliance War seasons, we’ve seen players look to a handful of Champions to effectively take down opposing Bullseyes. However, when looking at his performance data, we are seeing one outlier that we would like to action on: As a Defender, Bullseye’s Opponents are taking too much damage per second over the course of the fight. While Opponents who are Bleed Immune are performing as we’d like vs. Bullseye, we’re seeing non-Bleed Immune Opponents being punished at too high a rate. To address this, we’re adjusting the frequency that his Instant Bleed damage is inflicted on Defense. Instant Bleeds will no longer trigger when avoiding a Basic Attack with Dexterity. They will still trigger when avoiding Special Attacks. We’re not expecting non-Bleed Immune Attackers to finish fights against him at full health, but on average they should be leaving with a bit more than they are now.

One other note on Bullseye, currently his Special 1 hits are acting as contact hits when they should be projectile hits. The biggest impact from this change will be felt in the Warlock and Archangel matchups. Warlock will no longer inflict Virus Charges and Archangel will no longer inflict Poison Debuffs when Blocking Bullseye’s Special 1. We’ve had this bug logged on Trello for a while now, and are planning on releasing the fix to this alongside his rebalance.

White Tiger

White Tiger was designed as an aggressive Mystic attacker who rewards a high tempo playstyle. Equipped with utility targeted towards Defenders who weaponize Power Gain and Regeneration Buffs, we were hoping to see players use her effectively vs. Defenders such as Gorr, Vision (Aarkus), and Hulkling. So far, we’re happy with how Ava is performing, as she’s landed in a healthy spot in the meta in regards to her usage as well as her effectiveness in her targeted matchups and general ones. We’re also happy with how she’s landed as a Defender, mostly punishing anyone who is unprepared to manage the Power Gain in her Signature Ability. Reminder: make sure you either finish the fight off before the 15% health mark or bring Champions who control Ability Power Rate! No changes incoming for White Tiger.

What’s Next

Changes incoming for Bullseye!! His timeline will look like:
  • 46.0 (August): Full release with changes
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