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Battlegrounds Season 19: Updates to Victory Track Matchmaking

MCOC TeamMCOC Team Posts: 540
edited June 25 in News & Announcements
Hello, Summoners!

With the release of Battlegrounds Season 19, there have been a number of changes to the matchmaking parameters for the Victory Track, specifically. We typically refrain from going into detail for changes pertaining to matchmaking, however, we want to provide some context about these specific matchmaking changes.

Previously, until Summoners reached Platinum, account strength was one of the primary factors in matchmaking. This resulted in Summoners with stronger accounts matching accounts of a similar power, causing less powerful accounts to ultimately climb faster and with less difficulty. We felt that this was unintentionally punishing Summoners with better rosters, thus hindering them from progressing in the early ranks of the Victory Track. It also came with the added knock-on effect for less powerful accounts hitting a wall in Platinum when these parameters suddenly changed.

Moving forward, account strength has been removed as a matchmaking parameter. The transition to this new system will require a few seasons for ranks to begin to normalize. We are aware this will result in growing pains for a short period of time. However, long-term, this will allow a more consistent and balanced experience during your Victory Track climb.
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