Need to share my ideas about Elektra

Well,I really need to express some thoughts and suggestions about her!With the skill class getting more and more new great champs ,the older ones seem to be left behind!Why her??You guessed it, i have her as a 5* and i like her,but believe she is still lacking something!Please keep reading!!!

First of all,i should mention that i believe in paper she seems solid,but when you give her a second thought though...Lets talk about her sig.ability, she gets guaranteed criticals when opponent is below 25%,it sounds great BUT in reality we either have short/medium fights or long fights.In short fights 25% will be pretty small and you probably don't care finishing the opponents 5-10klife in 5 or 10 hits,In long fights...her damage for the first 75% of the fight is seriously low and it takes ages to get them to 25%,it feels nice when you get them there though!To sum up,its really not that handy of an ability in most situations!Her defensive ability reduction is a goo point of her,its easy to apply but its a stable 85% which i believe is fair(although you have to parry too much or use reasonate which is otherwise a pretty poor mastery!


- PLEASE give her some way to deal extra damage for that 75% of the fight!(You can give her a way to increase her critical rating.damage during fight???)You can compensate the extra damage by changing a bit her ability instead of guaranteed critical,give her a considerably high chance maybe increasing based on signature lvl(without even reaching 100%...maybe up to 75%-85%)!!!

- You can also give her a bleed in basic attacks(maybe on crits..like x-23,draw etc???) !In this case you can change her ability reduction to by x% for each debuff applied on the opponent instead of a stable percentage,that would also probably award more skilled and attacking gameplay(instead of continuously parrying)!

-Lastly a visual change:Add the twin sai(her ninja swords) to her!!!!

P.S her amor break is the same for every special(with damage and time wise) which also a bit poor and should be adjusted!


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    raffsterraffster Posts: 1,071 ★★★
    I agree with your ideas @LeonBeni93. It's really sad that Elektra isn't getting the attention she deserves. She is definitely a champ worth putting at the same tier with Gwenpool or even Blade.

    She should be given a buff that let's her have a chance to proc critical hits before enemy reaches less than 25% health, and her sig ability just increases that chance the damage to the critical hit. Either that or cause bleed even with her normal attacks just like Gwenpool.

    I hope that she would get her well deserved buff soon enough.
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    Thanks!I hope they will consider my ideas as well!

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious please try to pass the ideas to the developing team!!!
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    SummonerB2SummonerB2 Posts: 556
    LeonBeni93 wrote: »
    Thanks!I hope they will consider my ideas as well!

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious please try to pass the ideas to the developing team!!!

    Love these ideas!
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    CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,965 ★★★★★
    edited December 2017
    She gets extra damage during fights from her l1 special which is guaranteed crits against a bleeding target.

    Her signature ability was more brutal pre 12.0 when it maxed at +100% cdr but now maxes at like +40% cdr.

    She still pretty beastly due to that 75% ability reduction and guaranteed crits though. But she was designed to finish fights not as the main damage dealer.
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    Brew_SwayneBrew_Swayne Posts: 500 ★★
    Her special attacks inflict bleed...or armor break against bleed immune champs. She's one one the very few champs who can cause bleed and still be effective against bleed immune champs.

    She also reduces defensive ability accuracy while opponents are under a debuff. So get a bleed going against a duped Spidey and he evaded a lot less.

    And her sig ability is amplified tremendously if you have a few points on Assassin mastery.

    I certainly wouldn't complain about her being improved but she's perfectly fine the way she is.
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    Well for those of you claiming she is already pretty good,I never said she is poor,BUT having tested her(i've been playing with her a few months since she was my first 5* back in June) i can say that although in paper she looks fine she is not as useful in game!As i explained her defensive ability reduction is good,but needs to parry a lot especially at the start of each fight,while with my proposed changes i feel she would award a more aggressive play and i think she is an offensive character!Also my big concern is her damage till she gets her opponent to 25%,her bleed from specials isn't too great and she has no other way of extra damage(a critical buff??,a fury??,a bleed..just a significant one in her basic attacks or crits??) and as i explained that 25% will either be pretty small so you want care much to finish it that faster or it will be too long till you get your opponent there!

    Let me add that you can hardly find any attempts of ROL winter soldier with Elektra....and thats because its too time consuming to get WS down to 25%,although form there on you would enjoy the fight..and thats why i am saying that her sig.ability is not as handy as it seems!Yes ROL is a very special quest,but still is the most common testing ground!I am not asking for her to become a damage god(i am not even planning to do ROL or LOL with her),i totally believe in utility champions but they should still have a decent amount of damage!

    -i will repeat that a thing that also must be looked into is the fact that she has the exact same amor break in every special,which obviously means you are going to sp1 against bleed immune champions only(i still like it,But it would be better if we had a reason to choose between the specials for various reasons!)

    One last note @CoatHang3r you said she gets guaranteed crits in sp1 against bleeding targets...but only way to bleed opponents is from specials,so its not that likely opponent is going to be bleeding!

    I posted my suggestion having enough experience of her(possibly not as much as that of top players) and because i feel she can be a great champ with a few small smart tweaks that can get her up to date with newer champs!I still hope Kabam guys can get those ideas to the developing tema and maybe she them in future update!!
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    Hulk_77Hulk_77 Posts: 782 ★★★
    I think she's a pretty good character and doesn't need a huge overall. If they tweak her, it should be to maybe add a 100% chance to put a long duration and relatively weak bleed (or armor break) on her heavy, so she can get to her ability reduction more easily. As is, we are pretty much boxed into using her special 1 only, which is kinda boring. Other than that, I wouldn't change her.
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