Problems and war

So kabam how is this going to go down. A lot of us are in war at the moment. It's just stupid with all sorts of folk losing health after being kicked off. How are you making this right?


  • CaptainnomadCaptainnomad Posts: 35
    I would suggest giving Victor rewards to everyone currently in a war and call it done.
  • Vince1976Vince1976 Posts: 44
    I agree that they should just give us all wins. We have only 40mins left in ours
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,883 ★★★★
    We were in a close war and one of our guys killed a boss and it went credit for the takedown. Still can't finish the war .
  • I was fighting (in war) when Maintenance happened and could not connect to my guy, closed the game and when it came back up for like 5 minuets my dr strange was half dead. Not cool.
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