Who to R5

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Who should i R5... plz note that I’m not uncollected yet

Thank you in advance for your opinions

Who to R5 14 votes

SE spidey (Duped)
winterthurRagamugginGunnerMrbeast6000OneManNickbeaupoemAlpha07DMAN232PandamanTanZeperion 9 votes
Star Lord (Duped)
MattyloHollowbornMasterTroller42RasiloverLockjaw 5 votes


  • Zane22Zane22 Posts: 50
    Both are 4 stars
  • GregorGregor Posts: 25
    Spiderman SE can help a lot on content with his auto evade on specials, power drain, stun on sp1, amazing sp2 and raw dmg. But you gotta be used to play with him, if not you will end up getting killed as you try to build up his poise charges.
    If you have trouble using him, SL is an amazing option and a pretty simple to play character. He can kill bosses and help you through a lot of content. Some people even use 4* 5/50 SL for a first labyrinth clear, but with the 5* shards availability increasing I believe it's better to wait for a good 5* to r4 and clear it.

    Tl;dr: It's up to your playstyle as spark takes some getting used to and SL is pretty straightforward.
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