5* Hulk any good?

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Is he only good through his sig ability?


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    I am also wondering.

    He has fury (when attacked and when attacking).
    Poison immune.
    Special attacks has 85% chance to stun.

    This part I don't quite understand.
    • As Health is lost, the chance to trigger Fury effects increases by up to 50%.

    • When dropping below 25% health, Hulk gets ready to smash his opponent into the ground, gaining a massive Fury for 8s which increases his attack by x.

    I think it is something like fury is guaranteed when health is below 25%.

    Then, there is the signature ability.
    • Hulk is angered by receiving damage, strengthening his attacks by up to x based on lost health.

    It seems like attack becomes even higher.

    Maybe as a 5*, he should in priority to most other unawakened champs to rank 2.
    Only to rank 3 if awakened? I don't know on this point.

    I don't like my champs losing health ... :( so I don't know where exactly does he fits in (quest, arena, AW or AQ)?
  • Hulk is TANK period, a lot of players would be ecstatic to have as a 5 star... Me being one of them. He hits hard, large health pool, stuns on specials. Yes please :)
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