I want to buy the new daily offers every day, but you’re not listening.

The problem is T1 Alphas and it has not been addressed.
Logic: If you survey your biggest spenders, you’ll quickly realize WE all have the same problem. T4CC is piling up in the form of unopened crystals because it’s the only chjoice we have. We still see the value of T4CC and the price of these deals is amazing, but buying them puts them straight in the stash for many of us because we don’t have enough T1A to use them. Here’s the two things you need to address asap. You can make a lot more money and please your players if you do these two things.

Stash limits: It has been way too long. Summoner level 60 stash limits should be doubled. It’s so long over due that we would throw a party if you finally made this simple change. We the end game players have been talking about this for over a year and we still can’t figure out why you wouldn’t do it. Give me a logical reason anmd I will share it with the masses for you.

Tier 1 Alphas. It’s kind of too late to lower the rank cost of 5*. You don’t have much of a choice, so it would be best to just make T1A easy to grind for in quantity. Yes, the Glory store helped, but 7 days is way too long to refresh. It feels like forever. My favorite idea is to add one T1A to the last milestone of every solo event along with the 4* sig stone crystal or in place of it. This would allow players to earn it.

Like I said, I want to buy these T4CC daily offers every day, but I can’t because they’ll go straight into the stash.

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