Hotel MODOK Monthly Event Legends Time Run

Hi everyone, it’s Timyith here.

Just recently right before the sudden emergency maintenance occurred, I was going for my monthly event Legends Time Run. I was ALMOST finished with exploration on masters until the game went down for about 2 hours or so and I lost all chances at trying to do this. When the game came back of course I finished this. But what’s the point? To be honest I spent a lot of money trying to prep for this, making my masteries ready, bugging my friends into gifting me refills and such.

I even submitted TWO tickets to kabam on regards of the issue. On the first case I kept repeatedly asking them if they were going to fix my time or compensate my issue or just what were they going to do about it. And on BOTH cases, they just copy and pasted whatever else they wrote to other summoners.

The first case gave me 3 responses from them that didn’t help at all, which was just kabam saying the same thing over and over but trying to be slick and reworded all their sentences over and over.

The second case only gave me one response and when I tried replying back, they already closed the case lol. This is utterly ****.

I love playing this game. I really do. I wasted a good amount of my time in playing this during the crisis that occurred and this is how your support team treats their summoners? Seriously guys?

I want someone from kabam to please just give me an answer on whether or not they’ll be able to adjust my time and fix it. because this is ridiculous. I know what time I would’ve gotten. 3 hours and 30 minutes or 33 minutes.

Disappointed Timmy
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