Anybody have any tips or strategies for GwenPool?

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Yo! So the 1$ crystal just came around and most of us are happy with it. From that crystal I got Gwenpool and she seems pretty good, I just feel I could be better with her. Anyone have any tips or strategies to help me learn how to use GwenPool? :)

Stay Awesome Summoners ;)


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    Depends on who you face. What I do is fire off my third, do a combo or two till bleed procs(worst case scenario, best case one hit and it procs). Parry and do a heavy. Outrageous damage output you'll get.
    Side note: she isn't that great against bleed immune champs so never take her there.
  • Wow thanks.
    And yeah she doesn't do well against champs like Ultron or Vision... heh heh... I've learned XD
    and isn't the general idea to keep up the bleeds cause of the obvious damage but wont all those de-buffs from specials stay up the whole fight if you keep up bleeds?
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    Basically how I use her unduped is to get to L2 and keep them enervated, which means they don’t get power from you hitting them. If they hit you, they get power. If they have a passive power gain, they get power. Having a bleed on them as it expires resets the timer on it, so you can corner them and do a ton of damage. You can also get an armor break from L3 and incinerate from L1 to get extra damage, but you will need to apply 3x the bleeds so be cautious in that aspect.
  • Thanks for the tips, I'm gonna havr a lot of fun with this champ ;)
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    just rip em up. as long as you're not fighting a bleed immune champ, or Mordo with her then your all sorted.

    Tips - in shorter fights use the l1 to get a little more damage.
    In medium length fights use the l2 to lock the opponent as you strike them.
    In the longest fights you need to use that l3 to max out your damage then use the l2 to power lock them.
  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 690
    Whether you use incinerate l1 or enervate l2, get bleeds on them and use a heavy for the long, sustained bleed. When incinerate or enervate expire they can consume a bleed to refresh the debuff.
  • Thanks for all these suggestions Guys! Yeah She's a beast XD
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    S2 for power control s3 for damage, stay aggressive
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 5,247 ★★★★★
    Try to corner an enervated opponent and spam your heavy. It works most of the time to keep them from being able to attack. Just stay focused and watch out if they get stunned by a bleed, it will make timing a little different
    got her too in that crystal

    nice thread
  • TonyStarkTonyStark Posts: 348
    Best way to use Gwenpool:

    Use her sp2 and sp3.
    Sp2 places power lock on the opponent and Sp3 does Armor break.
    And keep refreshing those debuffs (power lock & armor break) with your bleed stacks. When they are about to expire they consume one bleed stack to reapply themself. So make sure you maintain enough bleed stacks on the opponent.

    Don't use sp1, because it places Incinerate debuff on the enemy which has very low damage and you don't wanna waste your precious bleed stacks to reappply Incinerate effect. Incinerate effect reduces block proficiency and removes perfect block chance from the enemy but still not very good.
    Use sp1 only when opponent is bleed immune to get the extra incinerate damage.

    Power lock debuff should be your priority, maintain it first. Fight becomes easier this way. Power Lock doesn't work against Hyperion's, Mordo's etc power gain, also doesn't work against Mystic Dispersion.

    Use heavy attack while opponent is bleeding, it has a 100% chance to cause bleed which lasts 27 seconds. A good to way to maintain your debuffs on your opponent.

    Unlock Deep Wounds mastery to increase Bleed duration.
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