Which 4* mutant to take to rank 5

River_SongRiver_Song Posts: 6
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Looking to strengthen my offense for act 5. I'm kind of torn between psylocke and rogue to be honest.

Which 4* mutant to take to rank 5 24 votes

Psylocke (unduped)
Korporate_KurtHenk647384648 2 votes
Rogue (unduped)
winterthurRagamugginGunnerScottryanwSWeaponXViralalataBUZZdog3000zerogodsxxyanarxxTangPauBrandonrapsVicky_123Leanonymous214 12 votes
Beast (unduped)
Wolverine (unduped)
Pry22TheLazyKingVossler77Chris_L_HRotellyVinh225Sp3edD3m0nPandamanTanHzoriJeepetti 10 votes


  • JeepettiJeepetti Posts: 79
    Wolverine (unduped)
    Wolverine. Bleed and Healing. Easy choice.
  • ScottryanScottryan Posts: 367
    Rogue (unduped)
    If beast was dupped i would recomend him if you like him. Hes great. Got me through 5.3 100%
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