10mill 55555 Alliance in need of 1

-Map 5, 100% daily. Alliance prestige is above 4700. Will do map 6 if free.

-tier 2-3 in AW. A lot is changing in war. We do it often and do our best to win without forcing excessive spend. AQ is our priority.

-We make milestones on all 3 day events except not always grinding ones, and 6-20% SA. Not always on grinding unless big arena is up- like right now we are making it because of the 2* arena. Grinding not required, but we need active players who put up points and love this game.

-All adults. Dependable veterans who like to have fun, but no BS.

-USA preferred. Prestige 4500+ pereferred. Willing to talk to progressing players who are hungry to grow. Are you active and need better rewards? Hit us up.

-Campo4 ign and on Line app.
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