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Map 3 has suddenly gottten harder than Map 5 in the last week, Why?

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but suddenly adaptiods have 2500k attack and are impossible to hit. It's insane, this was normally a good training map for the teams to get them stronger and enjoy winning before going to Map 4, but now we are struggling to fight low rated adaptiods with our 4/5 star maxed out and maxed duped heroes who normally fly through. So now we have to go back to training wheels (Map 2) after 3 years loyal playing to get this far and kabam. Why make it harder guys. Not everyone who plays is in the Legend category and no matter how much you want us to be, most (and by most I mean the majority of the players who pay your salaries) of us are just average players who cringe when you make it even harder than it already is. Comon guys, make it worthwhile for the majority of us. Don't be so freaking scared of players actually winning thier battles. If we keep losing we'll just get frustrared, abusive towards your good selves and give up and go play Future Alliance or go back to picking our noses and drooling listlessly in the corner.


  • Ha we are an 11 mill alliance and we did map 3 last week. Exactly the same thoughts. It was awful. Worst than map 5 and even 6 day 1.
  • Yeah, Kabam needs to re-visit Map 3. It has been more difficult than Map 4/5.
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