Server went down as I joined AW... no defenders locked in AW but not placed, can't join.


The server crashed as I clicked "Join" to place my AW defenders but now they are locked in AW, but not placed, and but it says I can select a team (my original guys seem to be locked in AW) but I can't join because it thinks I am already in... no idea what to do.

Seriously Kabam, get it together.


  • Fake edit: I've tried restarting the game, rebooting my device, doing another quest... nothing worked so far.
  • Hey there -

    For this particular issue, you'll need to reach out to support so they can check it out. To do that, select the gear icon in the upper left corner of the main MCOC screen and then click 'Support'.
  • It now let me place a totally different team of defenders.... So apparently I have 10 champs locked in AW so far...
  • @Kabam Vydious Thank you for the follow-up.
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