Why is she listed as only doing 4300 or so in her ice snap damage as an ability yet she’s doing well over 500+ a tick taking a 4/55 5* from 21k to under 20% health? This is ridiculous. You can’t do much of anything before getting KOd. She doesn’t even touch me and my full health champs get knocked out.


  • MH2804MH2804 Posts: 77
    Who is icepnoenix?
  • QwertyQwerty Posts: 635 ★★★
    so she leaves you with 20% health, doesn't touch you and you still die?
  • LewkkLewkk Posts: 36
    Because of the node increasing her attack, the cold snap gets multiplied also!
  • ninexhelixninexhelix Posts: 96
    Because her node has a +150% att boost on it. So she’s doing roughly under 11k (4300
    +4300+2150) in total on non class advantage/disadvantage fights.
  • HahaNuHahaNu Posts: 43
    I don`t understant why would they do a champ like that, 11k dmg from coldsnap.. I play with 4* 2-3 k health left... take a block dmg and I`m out :(
  • BapoiBapoi Posts: 995 ★★★
    It's roughly around 12k damage over time, under healblock.
    One thing to not do is sit and block hits. She will punch right through whatever remains of health.
    Interception and evasion is what you need to do. But yeah, 4* champs make it hard to do indeed. It's also hard content for a reason..
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