Who to awaken?

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One awakening gem, 3 good options to use it on, not sure which is best:

Medusa (currently unranked, but can take her to R4 right now)
Wolverine (currently 3/30, but can take him to R4 right now)
Stark Spidey (Currently R5)

I know Medusa needs to be awakened to be worth anything. Wolvie is significantly better when awakened, but I already have X23 (see below), and Stark seems to be pretty good without being awakened. Leaning towards Medusa, but would like some input.

For reference my other ranked up champs are:
R5's: Gwenpool, Archangel, Hype, Guilly, X23, Hulk, Scarlet Witch
R4's: Howard, NC, Hood, Thor, Xbones, Dorm, Magik, Quake, Starlord, Vision, WW2, Electro, Ultron, Hawkeye

Who to awaken? 16 votes

MenkentMorning_GoryLittleYinYinnicrattlehead 4 votes
Titan_A97XillymanLe_Marv_8River_SongElitehunter 5 votes
Spiderman (Stark Enhanced)
Bosko888670ninexhelixVision_41Jaydev217NinjaFistoIMWeaselTrustmeimalawyer 7 votes
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