Add all 2*s into premium crystals

The collectors crystal is amazing and we thank you for it. But for the love of god ONE WEEK TO GET OVER 20 CHARACTERS?!?!? I know you can buy it with units but geez. People are saving for 5.4, the uncollected difficulty and even masteries! Why can’t we just add all the 2*s who’s 3* and 4* equivalents are in the premium crystal already INTO the premium crystal! And all future 2*s be released in with there 3 and 4 counterparts? There could even be a contest for this to get the whales involved! Top 100 to get ALL the 2*s (as of X date) get a 2* Kang, top 5 get a 2* Thanos? And to put another spin on things, they all have to be maxed at 3/30? Or even at signature level 99!!! This would be an amazing idea and it would give the old players something to look forward to with their 2*s again and give new players an opportunity to get some powerful champions for those early chapters of the game! It would even breathe new life into the Sunday Crystal Splash arenas for the possibility of 9 of the new 2*s each week! It’s not that big a thing to do in the grand scheme of things but the principle of it is incredible. Please take notice of this post and into consideration.


  • I agree
  • Kaat19Kaat19 Posts: 27
    Personally I wouldn’t want more 2* in the premium crystals. Prefer getting the extra 55 3* shards from max sig crystals then a new worthless champ.. Probably how people that don’t care about collecting feel.
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,421
    I would like to collect all 1* and 2* upto 100% even though I seldom use them, but still good for collection purpose, like those new champs to be included into PHC, AS LONG AS the DROP RATE of 3* and 4* are NOT affected. :)
  • They wont be exculsive
  • Why is that thread closed?
    I like the idea btw
  • Wait I made my post in another thread and it appeared hear so I guess I understand it now
  • CodornasCodornas Posts: 508
    Not on premium
    But on 2* crystal


    Change sunday arena s rewards from 2* to collector crystal.
    Cause nobody does that **** nowadays
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