Grandmaster Crystal odds for 5 star champions appears to have been greatly reduced

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I have opened 148 Grandmaster crystals. In the first 71, I received 4, 5 star champions and 8, 4 star champions. For the next 77 crystals I received 0, 5 star champions and 8, 4 star champions. Is there a bug? Were the odds for 5* greatly reduced in the past month or so? It seems to have definitely changed for 5 star champions. Can anyone confirm this? I might as well not waste any more units on Grandmaster Crystals if this is true. 77 Crystals (15,400 units) down the drain.


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    You sir need to get your priorities straight. Buying to move ahead in the game is just not worth it!
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    If people want to spend, it's up to them. It's possible they had Units saved as well.
    To the OP, that's a large number of Units. I can understand where you're coming from. However, the results are not uncommon for RNG. 5*s are the rarest drop, and there is no guarantee they will fall. We see the same results with 4*s from PHC. I suspect the drop rates are similar, although there's nothing official to base that on. Just the scale for comparison. Sometimes when we hit a bad patch, it seems something has changed. Recently, I've had the worst luck with Arena Crystals and Units. I don't think anything has changed. It's just peaks and valleys.
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    Oh look its GW in yet another post! Are we surprised? Nope not at all...
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