Psylocke questions

I just pulled her from the 5 star crystal and I was wondering what uses she has? Should I try to awaken her or keep my gem for a different 5 star whenever i get the next chance? Any info helps thanks.


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    I just pulled her from the 5 star crystal and I was wondering what uses she has? Should I try to awaken her or keep my gem for a different 5 star whenever i get the next chance? Any info helps thanks.

    Save your gem, way better options.

    As for her abilities and stuff, try watching a vid on her from Joel Line, on youtube.
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    I personally think psylocke is an excellent champion and offers a variety of effective playstyles.

    As you probably already know she’s all about controlling power. First thing to note is she gains 25% less power than normal. So it takes longer to get special attacks.

    There are 2 very effective playstyles focussing on her sp1. The first way I’ll mention is good for opponents that do not have active or passive power gains. For example, Hyperion, mordo, dr strange, cable etc. You need to attack your opponent until they gain a Bar of Power. Each time they do this you gain one psi charge. Treat her like star lord from this point on, each hit you take will cause you to lose one psi charge and your opponent will gain a small burst of power per charge. When you have that psi charge, bait the opponent’s sp1. Then use your own sp1 and that should drain them to 0 power. When you attack with at least one psi charge active, the opponent will not gain any power which means they’re completely unable to use specials or power bar related abilities. Wolverine’s Regen is a good example of that. Keep in mind that you’re critical damage rating is at its highest when they have 0 power.

    Another method is to use your sp1 when they’re just over one Bar of Power. This can be more effective against Hyperion and mordo etc as you’re able to keep draining power constantly. If you drain enough power to bring them below a power threshold you’ll regain your sp1 almost instantly. That allows you to keep using it again and again for frequent reliable power drains. Psi charges are not needed for this and can instead be consumed by a heavy attack to deal additional direct damage per charge.

    Her sp2 will power lock the opponent. Remember, it will take longer than normal to reach this point since she gains power slower. However, if you need a few power drains you essentially have free sp1s using what I mentioned above. She will not gain more than one Bar of Power though, meaning it stops when she reaches one Bar like Loki’s does. She’s complicated, but incredibly effective if you can master all of this. Also, she consumes a psi charge on her sp2 to gain 34% of her max power instantly. This compensates for the slower power gain and enable some you to use more specials to get more power locks and drains.

    Then there’s sp3, this is a power lock too. Additionally, every psi charge is consumed and drains 20% max power per charge. If it brings them to 0 power you get a 5 second Stun. Plenty of time for a few combos.

    Her awakened ability allows her to reduce defensive ability accuracy by X% and gain an increase in critical damage rating when they’re at 0 power. That includes auto evades, static shocks, auto blocks etc, good sig, not game changing or her main focus. Up to you on that front, I use a mutant on my 4* variant and quite like it. Don’t think I’d use a 5* gem.
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    I have a 4* psylocke and archangel and the synergize together so I use them a lot and I personally really like psylocke. She has power drain and if you use her SP1 anytime the opponent is above SP1 below SP2 it does power drain ( her SP1 always does power train) but she also gains a bar of power so basically the opponent (if played correctly) will hardly be able to use they're SP power. She also builds up a charge and when you do a heavy attack it basically multiplies by how much charge she has
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