Uncollected Team?

ZeperionZeperion Posts: 44
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Hey everyone just wanna hear your opinions on whether this team is sufficient to defeat the mighty Collector. Feel free to leave your tips and suggestions below, thanks!

5/50 Thor (Sig 20)
4/40 Iceman (Sig 20)
4/40 Thor Ragnarok (Sig 20)
4/40 Hulk (Sig 40)
4/40 Star-Lord (Sig 40)

P.S. Will take Iceman to R5 soon, just need one more T4 Mutant CC


  • Vision_41Vision_41 Posts: 721
    Maybe, just needs a lot of gaming skills to pass through the quests.
  • JamezBongJamezBong Posts: 89
    Focus on hulk.
    need tons of revive to kill collector, and hulk do most damage on low health = lvl 1 revive
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,774 ★★★★
    Star lord and ice man are both useless against him imo. You won't survive long enough for star lord to ramp up attack with and ice man just doesn't do much at all. If you get lucky to push him to his l3 then you get a quick second life. But you will be taking a lot of unblockable specials and die.

    Hulk is one of the best options once you start reviving. Use all of your 20% single revives on him since he'll start the fight with hulk smash.

    The rank 5 Thor is ok. You'll do fine with him.

    The Thor Ragnarok is meh. You won't be able to.max out your damage here since it's pretty rare that you get an l3 off.

    Not the best out preferred team but you'll get the job done. Looking at roughly 5-8 team revives maybe even less if you do work with hulk.
  • Ok thx a lot will practise more with hulk
  • wSWeaponXwSWeaponX Posts: 366 ★★
    I'd also recommend a power control champ be added to your team
  • BeerDragoonBeerDragoon Posts: 48
    You may be able to beat him once if you burn a lot of revives. Honestly, if you have a Daredevil Classic duped he is probably your best bet. He can avoid the Collector's specials...until he activates true strike at about 25% health.
  • FluffyFluffy Posts: 446 ★★
    The Hulk. Combined with Thor Rags you will get that Synergy where he becomes Indestructible for 5 seconds. Do as much damage as you can for that 5 seconds. Bring revives. A power control champ to get to the end of the quest would be helpful.
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