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4826 (5k potential) looking for a fast paced alliance

AQ needs to be Expert Tier, rank 450 or above.
Map 5x5 preferred, rank 300 or above if running map 6.
AW tier 1-3.
I'm a hard charging player active in game and in chats and want to be around players who feel the same.
Looking to move after current aq/SA series.
Line I'd is nametaken2.0
Thanks in adance for offers received, and I look forward to working with you and your team.


  • DrizzitsDrizzits Posts: 157
    Update, I have another alliance member (5100+) who would like to join me in my move, if that can be accomodated.
  • NevvBNevvB Posts: 287 ★★★
    MSG me on line. nevvb
  • KML15KML15 Posts: 139
    message me on line 15KML

    T2 AW
    5x5 / 65555

    Have room for two
  • MasterMindMasterMind Posts: 52
    Hey bro just messaged you ranked 105 this past AQ and this one we wil be even higher
    AW tier 1-2
    Line ID Kingcalig
  • DrizzitsDrizzits Posts: 157
    Hey all, thanks for your consideration. An alliance has been chosen. I appreciate every one who reached out. Best of luck to you and your alliances.
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