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PalanthraxPalanthrax Posts: 602 ★★★
This is really a question for players with multiple 5 star rank 4s already. I currently have the following at R4:

Stark Spidey

I'm planning to explore 5.4 and take Spark to rank 5.

I currently have one more R4-worthy champ and that's Starlord, duped at sig level 40. I'm in the rather bizarre situation of being unsure whether taking him to R4 is a good decision.

I'm leaning towards Spark and Blade as my team to explore LOL, which leaves old Starlord a little out in the cold.

How useful is he outside of LOL? Does he still shine in act 5 and special events? Is it worth having both a Stark Spidey and a Starlord at R4+?

Obviously Spark and Blade are my core team now for AQ and AW attack, but I'm missing an immunity champ such as Iceman, Dormammu or Ultron. I know I've got Classic Ultron to come, but from what I've read he's no good for AQ.

I'm at a crossroads and will appreciate any advice. I'm a little out of place in my alliance as virtually none of my fellow members have any R4 5* champs.


  • Dave_the_destroyerDave_the_destroyer Posts: 981 ★★
    One question please mate. How good are you as a player? Can you get 100-200 combos quite often? If you can then SL is great, if you cant (like most of us) he is not that good

    Stark and Blade ( you lucky lucky git!) should be well enough I would think
  • I personally do not encourage you to rank up SL to R4 for the following reasons:
    1. You already have a Sparky at R4 and ranking up SL too is just a bit too redundant, especially since Sparky has better utility than SL
    2. You might want to save up the materials for an immunity and utility champion like Iceman or GR if you get them in the future since Iceman has triple immunity while GR has some decent regeneration and they both score in AQ and AW.
    3. SL might be useful in 5.4 since the enemies are gonna have quite a high amount of health thus SL will be able to ramp up his damage and act as a really good lane clearer. However, outside of end game content, SL will not be as useful since the fights will be short and the enemy will be killed before SL's damage is maximised.
    4. If the fights are short and SL is unable to ramp up his damage, there really is not point in getting him to R4, especially when Sparky can also get the job done if not better in normal questing and even end game content.
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