Increasing Defender diversity without "diversity score"

The AW scoring changes are a step in the right direction but we need more changes to make AW defender diversity work. I want to see more diverse defenders but I also want to place defenders because they are good at defending, not because placing Kamala Khan gets me some nonsense points. Possible solutions:

1) Dexterity rank 1 really needs to not generate crit boosts. This has been done to death but its the primary reason why mystic dispersion is so oppressive on defenders.

2) Class-locked defender nodes: Having 6 mini bosses but having them class-locked for each class would be much more interesting than 5 magiks.

3) Change AW paths to make more difficult solo lanes and less merging lanes. The left side of the AW map is an abomination because completing it and 100%ing it are almost exactly the same difficulty. AW is much healthier when there is a huge difference between completion and exploration.

4) Rotating/randomized node boosts. This may be the most difficult to implement technically but having node boosts that randomize war-to-war would keep it a lot more fresh and reduce the boring scenarios "X champ is always best on this node"

5) Double-sided boosts (for both attacker and defender). Ex. double sided bleed forces bleed immune defenders. Double sided energy damage boosts reward specific attackers and can be balanced out by strong defender nodes. Increases diversity in both defenders and attackers.
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