SP2 not working properly. [Not A Bug]

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In arena.
Fighting with 4* vision against nebula. I did sp2 to get a heal block and drain her full power bar. No heal block, no power steal. She did sp3 of course and i am ko.
Fighting with ghost rider against starlord next. I did sp2 to power drain his full power bar. No drain, he did sp3 and again I am ko.

Bye bye streak...
What gives? I checked and there are no masteries to prevent debuffs...

Any one have an explanation or is it part of the road to a million bugs?
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  • Nebula: Ability Accuracy of Robots is reduced by 20% per active Electroshock Charge.
    Vision's a robot, so if she had charges, his power steal and heal block may not have processed.

    Ghost Rider: Judgment of Anger: 80% Chance
    There's a 20% chance you don't get a judgement placed when you launch SP2. That judgement's secondary result is power drain.
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    By your description it seems to be working perfectly.
  • If you're in the arena, you have no time limit. Get your opponents to spam their specials if you can. Don't always depend on power drain as there is always a possibility of failure.
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    Hey OP. @SenorPants is correct; both of those fights have features that could have caused this. I did some testing, and Vision's Specials appear to be working correctly. Hope this helps!
  • Thanks everyone for the explanation!
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    Awesome. Since this does not appear to be a Bug, I'm going to go ahead and close out the thread. Thanks, all!
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