Option to Disable AI Button

dkatryldkatryl Posts: 673 ★★★
As the title suggests, please add a "AI Button Enabled" option under settings, that when on, shows the toggle as it currently is, and when off, hides the button entirely.

The location of the button, (at least on android I assume it's the same on iphone) being right between the two power bars is really close to where my thumbs tend to naturally rest, and I have accidentally turned the button on more than once when I was doing harder content that couldn't afford the stupid AI to take over.


  • i think you are a genius! i was going to ask them to remove it entirely because it seems to randomly activate and have a lot to do with the unresponsive controls.. the game was horrivly bugged before they added the auto-fight feature but afterward the game has gotten worse and ai has turned itself on while swiping and turned itelf on during sp3 cutscenes so i come back to the fight and cant move my champ and get obliterated
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