Which champ to rank up?

TonyStarkTonyStark Posts: 348
edited December 2017 in Strategy and Tips
So..... I have 3 T4 Tech Catalysts now and my Rank up choices are 5* Ultron (unduped) & 4* Vision (unduped).
I already have a 5* R3 Hawkeye as my power drain champ and 4* 5/50 Iceman as my Immune champ.
I already have 4* 5/50 Star-Lord (duped), so I won't wait for any better champ.

Which champ to rank up? 3 votes

5* Ultron (unduped) to R3
Hell_GoliathZane22Dingalo 3 votes
4* Vision (unduped) to R5
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