Vision AOU heal block not working properly?

Just noticed during a fight with Howard the duck on a regen buff in AQ - when visions sp1 power burn and heal block activated on the opponent the heal block was on a timer obviously but then I sp1 before the heal block timer expired and it it didn’t reset the heal block timer and the power bar was below one full bar. Shouldn’t it reset the timer?


  • GamerGamer Posts: 4,854 ★★★★
    To get. Helblok. He need to have zero pover. Thah why a Sp2 always Can tigger helblok
  • Yep @Gamer is right, to get a healblock on LI the opponent needs to be about half bar of power since visions specials "apply" power to the opponent and then burns it away, so LI burns 33% of max power (one bar), thats why i always use Visions L2, it has insane power burn + guaranteed heal block (given that the opposing champ aint like nebula or antman)
  • HeadrollerHeadroller Posts: 229
    visions sp1 burns 39% of MAX power(that would be 3 Bars full right?) so when I had used a sp1 after the duck was already on a heal timer (7 seconds) and he had less then one full bar ( definitely below the 39% of max power) the timer didnt reset for this new heal block.
  • HeadrollerHeadroller Posts: 229
    update* I only noticed this with howard the duck in AQ map 4 as a mini boss.....every other fight seems to operate normally with the timer resetting
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