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A Simple Carnage Fix

I've been using our favorite bad guy for a bit. I know we went in expecting Gwenpool levels of bleed and Venom levels of buffs.

Instead we received king groot level of attack, a buff that's annoying to gain, and a bleed that is hard to maintain.

I actually like how the bleeds work. Start with heavy, fight aggressively, and, well it lasts for about 4 second, even with 8 stacks on sp1. Even with deep wounds, you can't maintain a solid bleed no matter how aggressive you are.

Simple solution: increase the bleed duration slightly.

The buffs are neat in concept. The mutation process makes it difficult, which is fine, but there's no payoff. You have characters that gain loads of attack boost with fury. Carnage, not so much. In a very long fight he can do decent damage if you play perfectly and get 5 fury or cruelty going.

That's in a long fight. And decent is okay, except you give us all these characters that can build up even higher damage early on. Even the power gain on bleed is lacking. Blade can parry you and gain this ability, without awakening.

Simple solution: allow the buff mutation to be instant with the last attack used before a special. No one cares about block proficiency when you don't get hit.

Even with these changes he will be mediocre and far below the godly champs, but he will be more manageable.

I'm curious to know how he was OP in beta testing, as stated by your employees at NYCC. Because whoever made the changes and thought he was balanced really missed the mark.

And before everyone tells me all the godly champions I should care about, I have them. I'm just wishful for a fan favorite to be level playing field instead of "carbage" Also I know he's rumored to be buffed next year. Just adding my simple suggestions without giving him ability accuracy reduction, regen, power control, immunities, and auto block. He doesn't have to be godly. Just level him out so we can use him.


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    I agree bro I have 6 t4cosmics and as much as I like playing with him...I can't use them on him. Nor any cosmic champ at this point lol.
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    Carnage is a fan favorite and should be a blast to play. They should make him Godly. And no, I don't have him.
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    GreenstrokeGreenstroke Posts: 291
    edited December 2017
    He should have kinda same bleed mechanism as AA, slight chance to inflict bleed via crits if the enemy aint already bleeding.

    And if the enemy is bleeding he should have like a 50-60% chance to cause the mini bleed with normal hits. And only the minibleed if he is already bleeding, exept for the heavy

    His base stats should be brought up, you can increase them with his buffs but they still are very low, especially when you compare him to like Spark he already has 30% crit chance without the poise charges, Carnage has like a base crit chance around 12-13%? (Since Carnage is like one of the strongest spider/symbiote creatures in marvel)

    His heavy bleed should be around 150% of his base attack, mini bleeds like atleast 10% of his

    And mutation should work the way that he gets the buff that he had when launching a special attack and a timer thingy on it like Morningstar has on her l3, get hit and you wont mutate, hit and get the mutation, the more agressive you are the faster you get the mutation.

    And his sig should instantly grant the biggest possible power gain% based on the sig level.

    PS. I have a 4* r5 sig 40 Carnage
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