5.4 Tips

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to start a thread about how an average player might approach 5.4. The locked camera prevents you from scoping out too much so I thought we could all give tips on which paths to take for completion. Here's my 2 cents:

The portal on the left leads to life steal, allowed me to complete the quest extremely easily. I would say bring glass cannon champs because they synergize well with that node and also Punisher has vitality.

I took the portal second from the right, which led to a black bolt and hulk with increased fury. Can't remember too much about the quest, other than that Vision was an mvp against Morningstar. Even though mine is r4 unduped, his bleed immunity, power control, and easy animations make it really easy to lock her in the corner and continually intercept.

Don't remember too much about this quest, Hela as a boss is basically like a Juggernaut. At the start of the fight and whenever she gains a fury she gets unstoppable. I used SW against her, pretty easy fight. Be careful because she gains fury every 30 seconds, so she can become unstoppable in the middle of a combo.

Again, don't remember too much about the fights leading up to MODOK. Basically, he was just a super buffed version of the uncollected MODOK fight, he has autoblock on the entire time (removable thru heavies). This was the first fight I had to use my potions on, used the entire team but cap ww2 worked the best for me. His increased block prof gives you longer parry stun duration. I've also heard that you should use your champs from worst to best because of the way his charges works. Archangel works really well against him, wish I had him.

I think some of the fights I had in this quest had explosive personality, which was really annoying to deal with against champs where parrying is a no (black panther, stun immune sym spidy). I also really hated fighting Mephisto because I don't have an Iceman. I'd say 90% of the time his aura was on, including a long one at the start of the fight. It was over 1k damage per tick, so if you have them use Iceman, blade, quake, etc. For this fight I would say start with your best champs, because each kill will ultimately give him more regen (luckily it was based on base health I think).

I really really liked this quest! I took the rage portal, which wasn't a problem at all because most of my champs are not heavy hitters, and unblockable isn't too hard to deal with anyways. The boss fight was really fun, Ultron will have a timer with either fury, armor, regen, or power gain, which doesn't do anything until you debuff him. Then, that buff activates, and start the timer when it expires. My advice for him is to only parry him when he has the fury or armor buff up (the regen is pretty strong and power gain gives him 3 bars). Bring champs that don't apply debuffs, or if you do bring them only attack him when he has the fury or armor. Also be aware that he evades every 7 seconds, and that he has vitality. Baiting the sp1 gives you a good in. If you push him to sp2, it is actually easier to evade than it looks, similar to spidey sp1 but with a longer pause between the first/second shot. Drax was great for me against him, high damage output, bleed won't proc, and best of all, his two hit medium counters Ultron's evade. :)

Overall, 5.4 was way easier than I expected, I used maybe 5 team revives overall, all on the final 3 bosses. My team consisted of 5/50 sig99 sl, 5/50 sig74 sw, 5/50 sig33 ww2, 5/50 unduped rogue, and 3/45 sig42 5* drax. Good luck!
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