Is 5* Gambit or 5* Spider-Man (Symbiote) good?

Hey I recently got 5* Gambit and 5* Spider-Man (Symbiote) and I'm not sure if either of them are worth 3/45, please give me your opinion on what to do, thanks!


  • Barath121Barath121 Posts: 49
    Gambit is good
  • ShevvelShevvel Posts: 124
    Both are nice champs. Gambit has stun and concussion. And symbiote spidey does some serious damage upon using spl2
  • they are both great
  • Alpha07Alpha07 Posts: 649 ★★
    edited December 2017
    Gambit? meh, definitely not worth 3/45. literally the only thing he has is concussion and stun...

    Symbiote Spidey, he is definitely worth it. some serious damage, thanks to his high crit rate and serious SP2 damage. also if you stack a lot of armor breaks he is even better. just be careful when using him because he is a glass cannon.
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