5* unduped drax worthy of R3?

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As the title states, is a 5* Drax worth ranking up to R3?

Only have 9x 5* champs, none duped (NC, Blue Cyclops, Storm, Drax, HB, IF, Venompool, Groot, OG Capt).

Other cosmic champs that I could use the Cats on (all 4*):
R4 Thor (sig 50)
Phoenix (unduped)
Medusa (unduped)
Venom (sig 20)
SIM (unduped)
Black Spidey (unduped)
Gamora (unduped)
Capt Marvel (unduped)

Edit: I already have several Bleeders in my 4* R5 group: Gwenpool, AA, Guilly, X23, with the non-bleeders: Hype, Spark, Hulk, & Scarlet


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