10 Mil very chill Ally. Looking for 1 active member 5x5 aq

Looking for a strong active member to join my alliance. We are very chill and fun to talk to. We do map 5x5. We require Line as well. Please reach out. Thanks


  • TonyStarkTonyStark Posts: 354
    Can I join? Gimme ur line ID, alliance name or something....
  • Bono72Bono72 Posts: 154
    oh you have problem in WAR... TIER 9 ...
  • Bono72 wrote: »
    oh you have problem in WAR... TIER 9 ...

    At the moment yes. Our top guys retired from the game and left us scrambling. We was doing great til then. Now We getting the correct pieces back to bounce back. We need solid players like we had before.
  • TonyStark wrote: »
    Can I join? Gimme ur line ID, alliance name or something....

    Line id is kaydanmo
  • Bump. Still looking for 1 strong active member
  • GaryagGaryag Posts: 421
    Kay Damon I am garyag been playing for three yrs now. In game garyag Line ggodorova (user name on line Garyag PST) add me I am active only thing for me I need some help in areas please at least consider me
    Thanks and Merry Christmas
  • kay, I am not a high rated player, but i am trying to get up there. i have been working very hard the past month and have gotten 3 4 stars to rank 3 and 1 of them, star lord to rank 4. i am looking for an alliance that will give me the materials I need to become better. i really nat to join your alliance and I will do my best. in game name is: Maaz04137252725. ( Long name right?)
  • Bumping this msg. We have 2 members leaving the alliance due to life issues. Looking for a great strong player with some 5/50 champs or stronger. Works well with team. Please respond here or on LINE. Thanks!!!
  • Bump
  • MC_CARKA7MC_CARKA7 Posts: 50
    i dont have line but would love to join
  • @MC_CARKA7 hey thanks for the reply. Our alliance use line. Its a easy great way to communicate and post. Its easy to download
  • Bump. Lost another one due to life issues. We are a 11 mil alliance. Looking for good STRONG, ACTIVE players. Please reach me on LINE and post your champs. Thanks!!!
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