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I have 3 T4B right now and cant decide to rank up Archangel to rank 4 or wait for another 2 T4B and take Starlord or Hulk to rank 5

Rank Up Advice 28 votes

Archangel to rank 4 (unduped)
XillymanTurbulentUrFaceBrandonraps 3 votes
wait - Star Lord to rank 5 (duped sig 20)
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wait - Hulk to rank 5 (duped sig 20)
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    Depending on your roster, rank up AA if you need more AW/AQ attackers. Otherwise, rank up hulk to r5. SL is already great at r4.
  • Archangel to rank 4 (unduped)
    Misread it. You should wait on those t4b's and r5 Star Lord. Actually I'm waiting on one t4b to max my Star Lord right now lol. AA should be your next upgrade after though
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    wait - Star Lord to rank 5 (duped sig 20)
    I would suggest you to max out 4* SL and then rank up AA or Hulk.
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    wait - Hulk to rank 5 (duped sig 20)
    If your goal is the Collector, you want either Hulk or AA. SL is a great champ, but needs to keep a combo going to really excel. You can't do that against the Collector because of his unblockable specials. AA can cause significant damage before he gets to his special, but Hulk is one of the best choices imo for the Collector because of the ability to chain stuns together.
  • wait - Star Lord to rank 5 (duped sig 20)
    SL all the way homie...although my AA on bleed/poison champs is a tank sig 49.

    Really just preference. Depends where you are in the game. If you want to do all the end game stuff def SL.
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