Is 5* Karnak worth the investment?

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Since 6 stars are coming soon, is a unduped 5* karnak worth ranking up to r4? Or should i just focus on 4 stars, until i get a r5 worthy 5 star?

Is 5* Karnak worth the investment? 31 votes

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  • No
    It's a no from my side...but if you got Medusa 5*,he can be utilised well for synergies :smile:
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    I'd recommend against ranking Karnak to r4. T2A are way to scarce to use on anything less than top tier atm. Patience is a virtue. I've got 9 t2a burning a hole in my inventory, but I'm still waiting on that awesome pull. Karnak just doesn't have the value.
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    Yes, but only if u've 5 star duped Medusa for synergies.
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