Can't connect, AGAIN!! What is going on..... seriously

Guys, I decided to finally register.......last straw here. There has to be an intervention. What gives? Why do you care so little about the community that you won't listen to feedback. After all the issues you will not compensate Android users, much less anyone else. It costs you NOTHING. It gains a little customer appreciation and possibly some trust back from your hard core end game base. Why has the game been absolute garbage since 12.2? Seemed like after the debacle of 12.0, you caught on and actually listened and tried making amends with customers. I was actually impressed with how you handled it.....just to change it BACK to 12.0, and claim you lost all data so it would have to remain crappy until 13 sometime? Now not only is the game ridiculous to play half the time....with the random parry and evade the other thousand ADMITTED bugs throughout the forums, but half the time you can't even play!?!. You realize how many people (myself included) who were running arena for SL or Voodoo..... you have any idea how much of a difference that a loss of 10+ hours of game time makes!?! Well, I didn't get SL..... anyway. Alot of people spend hard earned money on the game to advance and attempt to work around the bugs......crazy that you seemingly don't really care at all for your customers. Maybe you do, but the community woukd never know. Actions speak louder than empty posts claiming you are working on things. Dont even let me get started on act 5.2 rewards and etc........ Look...It all boils down to....what is the deal guys? What is REALLY going on? Have you all just given up on us and the game? We absolutely deserve to know.
Yours truly,
A very concerned Contest of Champions community


  • This is pretty much how the entirety of your player base feels so maybe give this one a thoughtful response instead of closing the thread? It would be much appreciated.
  • NewmikeNewmike Posts: 3
    I totally agree. I'm so pissed at what they did to this game... Kabam needs to listen. They ruined a good game with all of these changes.
  • hobohobo Posts: 82
    I still cannot play Catalyst Clash- Basis 10,000 battle chips wasted on this event, like many I cannot grind every second so time to play is valuable and like many android users I am very disappointed. There a lot of things many advance user can complain about now a day, just look at the forum complaints. I wish I could post my google play receipt showing the hundred dollars i recently wasted just to buy health and revive for war. I really used to like this game and no I am not an elite player but I had hoped to one day get there. I am so tired of the many problems this game now have, I have tried to hang on but like many I am losing faith every day with you guys, most of the rewards we get sucks, a lot of us pay so much for the little rewards we receive. Two years ago this game was fantastic, now it has become a waste of time and effort. I remember when this forum was full of guys complaining about how much time this game took out of peoples lives for grinding. Hey Kabam thanks for proving to us that those guys was right about everything they said about you guys
  • winniewinwinwinniewinwin Posts: 174
    Mind if we get a comment mods? Wolf? What's going on? What gives? Sincerely would like to know what the deal is with the state of the game..... A fair, considerate, truthful answer is in order.
  • ThejwhoaThejwhoa Posts: 8
    What do you think?theresa glitch in the matrix!lol
  • wray1976wray1976 Posts: 459 ★★
    Lost my champs in AQ. Game crashed which killed off two champs. Can't cover that much ground. Couldn't login after so pissed right now.

    Need to spend $ on units to revive if needed now.

    What's up with the game?
  • winniewinwinwinniewinwin Posts: 174
    What I think used to border on mafia type conspiracy theory.....yet these theories are proven more and more realistic as the days, bugs, disconnects, and radio silence from Kabam continues. Be nice if it were "just a glitch in the matrix" type of problem
  • winniewinwinwinniewinwin Posts: 174
    Most of those proven theories all end with spending units. Similiar thing happened to me in AQ
  • MrcMumbleMrcMumble Posts: 161
    Case and point if there is a bug that loses them money, like Bautisa challenge (nodes weren't working like they wanted to) it gets fix in the blink of an eye. If they gain revenue from it (evade bug, voodoo' s dash being short ect.. the list is too long to type) it doesn't get resolved for months and when/if it ever does it gets replaced with 3 other player attacking bugs.
  • MrcMumbleMrcMumble Posts: 161
  • winniewinwinwinniewinwin Posts: 174
    That animation needs to be about 4 pages longer
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