AW Defender Diversity Exceeding 90

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I’ve read that AW Defender diversity is being brought down from 50 to 30 per BG.

However, for the past few wars since the update, Defender diversity points seem to scale above 90.

Is this supposed to be the case?



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    As alliance has 30 members that place 5 defenders. 30 x 5 = 150 possible unique defenders. An alliance can still have a diversity score of up to 150. What was changed was the amount of points per unique defender from 50 to 30.
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    Oh. My bad.

    I went to reread the announcement after posting this.

    It’s the points awarded being reduced from 50 to 30, not the number of unique defenders.


    Mods please close the thread. :) Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Don't need to apologize. Happy hunting.
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