This auto fight bug happens to me every fight in aw and aq

All I can do is feed energy to someone. This has been happening for 2 weeks now please fix it I know you have to be aware of it so can we get an update please @Kabam Miike


  • ChickenChicken Posts: 160
    And when I say auto fight I'm not talking a random dash back or dash forward or unblocking here or there I'm talking they auto fight from start till I get killed.
  • MarvelKeekMarvelKeek Posts: 31
    I watched my alliance leader go into a boss fight in AQ and Black Widow decided she was going to auto fight... And poorly at that. RIP Black Widow.
  • PraffulPrafful Posts: 13
    I don't know whats wrong but its auto unblocking in middle of fighting while when we are blocking an attack.
    Happened many times after the recent update.
  • ChickenChicken Posts: 160
    My champs are occasionally randomly dashing back now too. And sometimes forward.
  • ChickenChicken Posts: 160
    Wow I made this thread forever ago. No longer having this auto fight issue. Just different bugs.
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