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Mordos (Boss) SP2 Soul barb Glitch in Gold Realm at 45:54 time mark on hard [More Info Needed]

Scare_Reaper2Scare_Reaper2 Posts: 287
edited December 2017 in Bugs and Known Issues
Ok so i was using Captain America WW2 and the boss i was fighting was mordo. Now When he got to his SP2 and he used it on my Cap the game froze/lagged for about 30 seconds maybe 35? But i thought it was the game lagging..so i continued, It then happened yet again..the same thing again. So this might be a bug? maybe lag..i am unsure but someone should investigate. Idk if the time mark i posted would make a difference but its there. It might be the soul barb but idk...tell me what you guys think.
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